About GCN Bangladesh

Global Compact Network Bangladesh (GCNB)

The Global Compact Network Bangladesh was formally launched in January 2009.

The Global Compact Network Bangladesh is hosted by the CSR Centre with the objective to promote the 10 Principles of UNGC and assist companies and other stakeholders to engage in strategic CSR initiatives and programs.

GCN Bangladesh represents national interests at Global Compact forums and conferences throughout the world. As a principle promoter of UNGC it encourages the membership of signatories in the local network.

Since 2009, the GCN Bangladesh has been engaged in issues such as human rights, labour standards, and environmental issues to build awareness through roundtable discussions and capacity building trainings to help promote sustainable development in the country. It has also facilitated in supporting its members on sustainability reporting including CoP (Communication on Progress) and GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). Through its various programs a events GCN Bangladesh has spearheaded the national awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 2015 with the launch of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) by the United Nations the GCN Bangladesh has been engaged in multi-stakeholder dialogue and discussions at national, regional and global levels to promote the 17 SDGs.

The GCN Bangladesh members comprise of multi-stakeholders who have committed to the UNGC Principles and have actively been involved in implementing some of the SDGs in line with their own business focus.

Currently, there are 48 members to GCN Bangladesh


Ms. Shahamin S. Zaman
Ms. Shahamin S. ZamanGCNB Executive Director
Mr. Farooq Sobhan
Mr. Farooq Sobhan GCNB Representative